Option 1: Vehicles must be returned with the fuel tank as It left

The renter is obliged to follow all instructions and always use the correct type of fuel. Otherwise, the renter will be charged with the cost of the missing fuel οr the damage caused to the vehicle by an incorrect type of fuel due to the fault of the renter or the fuel station. Price depends on current market. If the quantity of fuel in the tank is less than the one you received, then the Refuelling Service charge will be applied which today, is € 10,00 plus V.A.T. We use common sense, a bit more or less doesn't matter.

Vehicles delivered during the night from 22:00 - 07:00 hours, have at least half tank of fuel filled. This is enough to arrival in your location. In addition our staff will be willing to guide you to the nearestfuel station in this case.



Option 2: Pick-up with full tank of fuel & Return Empty

The client has to prepay locally price for the full tank of fuel.The car should then be returned with the tank as empty as possible, since there is no refund for unused fuel. 

Please note that :

1. The price per litre of fuel used, is the average fuel price for the area from where the car was rented. This price is published in the Price Observatory of the Hellenic Ministry of Development-Competitiveness and Shipping (site http://www.fuelprices.gr).

Benefit From The Advantages of Fuel Prepayment 

By prepaying the fuel you save significant time and money because: 

- you may be in a hurry to catch either a flight or a boat and don’t want to lose time at a Fuel Station. 

- it is possible that you are not familiar with the area around the our office WILD CRETE CAR RENTAL location for the car return, and more specifically the location of the nearest Fuel Station. 

- the Fuel Station may not be open during the time of your return, either because of their operating hours (very rare these operate 24 hours), or indeed it may be closed due to a  Bank/National Holiday, strike, Sunday’s etc. 

-  you want to have all your expenses, deriving from the car rental, all in one invoice. 

-  you save time when returning the car to our offices.


We Offer 

No additional charges on flight delays

All our employees are always informed for your arrival time, as well as last minute flight schedule changes that might occur. They will wait for your arrival flight in order to deliver 

you the booked vehicle. 


After Hours Pickups and Drop Offs

Delivery and collection outside office hours (between 21:30pm-07:30am) is possible at an extra charge of 25.00 euro fixed.


24/7 Hrs Road Assistance

Additional Drivers

One (1) additional driver can be registered without any additional charge. Maximum four (4) drivers including the main driver are allowed per rental. The cost is 3 EUR/day per driver. 



V.A.T (Value Added Tax) 24% is included in our rates 



Unlimited mileage is included in our rates.


Infant Seat, Baby Seat and Booster Seat

We offer 3 different types of child seats (Infant seat, Baby seat, Booster seat). One piece is offered Free of Charge. Each extra costs 3 € /day, payable on arrival. 


Road Map, GPS Sat Navigation

Upon delivery, you will get a recent map of Crete island free of charge. We can offer  you a GPS Sat nav device with the most recent map of Greece, with latin character . The cost is € 5 per day. Advanced booking is required and minimum cost per rental is € 20.