Rethymnon !

Rethymnon is one of the most well-preserved Venetian old towns on the island of Crete a place blessed with beauty, embraced by breathtaking mountains and the deep blue of the Mediterranean, decorated with renaissance colors and inhabited by people known for their hospitality, honoring their ancestors and traditions. Its 16th-century buildings are stunning examples of ancient architecture, and the  Fortezza  castle reflects both European and Eastern influences. Explore the magical waterfalls in Argiroupolis , rock formations in Spilies beach , and ‘"cave church" of Saint Anthony Gorge before taking a pleasant evening stroll along the  Venetian Harbor. Relax in a taverna  with some traditional  Cretan meze, and with a nice glass of wine near to sunset !

Rethymnon it is a place one falls in love at first sight and visitors are able to feel lovely from the very first moment, making them feel at home.

Rethymnon is not a place you go but a place you return, and  always will you  returning , with the eyes full of sky.

A deeply  clear blue clear sky that meets the infinite blue of the sea and creates a remembrance that will accompany you for ever !

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